The unique quality of NOAN’s gourmet products is confirmed not only by experts such as the oleologist Duccio Morozzo della Rocca, but also by the top ratings that NOAN has received at international competitions. Recently, at the prestigious Flos Olei Award 2017, NOAN was voted among the 20 best olive oil producers in the world.
Furthermore, NOAN products have received the following awards, distinctions and quality seals:

NOAN Quality

Fair & Good

NOAN stands for premium quality in the production of olive oil and vinegar based on clear rules: type and purity of the product, strict adherence to organic principles of farming and cultivation, determination of the exact harvesting time depending on the ripeness of the fruit, high-quality processing immediately after harvesting, and optimum storage conditions. Our fair purchase prices and support for regional farmers are a guarantee for the sustainability of our products as well as for heavenly moments of enjoyment.

Organic & Vegan

NOAN’s three olive oils and both types of balsamic vinegar are organic and vegan, processed from the best fruits produced by selected farmers.  To guarantee their unique quality they undergo government quality control and are also required to conform to the strict NOAN Rules for Healthy Organic Olive Oil - Extra Virgin (NOAN HO³ Rules).