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NOAN Douro


NOAN Douro is the ideal oil for all gourmets and gourmands who cherish the lightness of being. The unique aromatic composition of NOAN Douro is reminiscent of the flavours of sweet fruit and invigorating mint, guaranteeing perfect freshness – day after day!


Our NOAN Douro comes from the oldest protected wine-growing region in the world, "Alto Douro" in northern Portugal, which has lent its name to our product. For over 2000 years this region has been known for its excellent red wine and port. Furthermore, the area is also home to a uniquely aromatic olive culture. In 2001 the wine region was taken up in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Our olive expert Duccio Morozzo della Rocca has supervised the creation of a blend of the characteristic local olive varieties – Mardural, Negrinha, Cobrançosa and Verdeal Trasmontana – to form a unique cuvée that sets new standards in terms of flavour and quality: our NOAN Douro!


NOAN tip: NOAN Douro tastes especially good with the following dishes:

• soups of all kinds
• raw and cooked vegetables and tomato salad
• various salmon and mushroom dishes
• cakes and sweets