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NOAN Intenso


NOAN Intenso, a full-bodied and flavourful oil, wins us over with its spicy, intense character combined with a mellow touch. How can it fail to conjure up the passion, the pleasure and the warmth of the Italian way of life?


NOAN Intenso is produced in collaboration with farmers from Sicily, Calabria and Latium. This way we can guarantee that none but the highest quality olives are used. The current harvest comes from olive groves in Calabria, at the southern tip of mainland Italy, a region rich in sunshine. This region is home to the olive variety Nocellare del Belice, to which the oil owes its golden-green colour and its full, fruity aroma.

NOAN tip: The unique composition of Italian NOAN Intenso olive oil makes it a perfect companion for strong-flavoured dishes such as:

• bruschetta
• vegetables such as tomatoes, aubergines, Belgian endive, various salads
• tasty cheeses such as fresh goat‘s cheese, sheep's cheese; a variety of sughi
• strong-flavoured fish (tuna, swordfish, mackerel, sardines, etc.)
• strong meat dishes such as steak, rack of lamb and pork chops